JosephJoseph Milltop™ Non-spill Salt & Pepper Mill Set
The grinding mechanism is at the top of the mill, meaning any excess grounds fall back inside after use and table top stays clean.
The grinding size can be adjusted from coarse to fine by simply rotating the top.
Easy to refill.
Vario Watch Travel Case
protects watch from dust, scratches and shocks.
Donut shape holds your watch in position
and hard case with soft velvet interior
make sure it is safe.
Sportes Miti-XL Exterior Cooking Tool
is crafted from 304L grade 1/8’’steel
and allows you to cook edibles
from a self standing 4 piece wood log.
Fresh air is the best cook.
Sliding Gate with Built-in Mailbox
The gate is very strong,
clean and minimalist,
and secure.
Hi, my name is Markki and I'm happy to answer any questions about this gate you might have
Open Messenger
Bugatti Blouse-shirt in Pink
Thanks to the material, it is charmingly flowing,
wonderfully soft
and pleasant on the skin.
Bugatti Olive Green Long Jacket
Absolutely wind- and watertight,
Hyundai Elevate Walking Car Concept
Robotic legs with five axis of freedom plus in-wheel propulsion,
give it, in addition to traditional rolling,
ability to climb a five foot vertical wall,
step over a five foot gap
and walk like a mammal or reptilian.
The Ultimate Mobility Vehicle
Novus Electric Motorbike
Unique, light and rigid carbon fiber monocoque-frame.
Brushless hub motor with 14kW peak power and 200Nm of torque.
Top speed 60mph, range 60 miles.
Ultra-light monoblock calipers and 230mm brake discs.
Carbon fiber front
and rear suspension with adjustable dampers ensure precise response and comfortable ride.
LED front light is integrated into the stem,
taillight into the frame.
Your smartphone acts not only as a control and display instrument, but also as a digital key.
Long and comfortable seat with integrated start button.
NOVUS thinks ahead.
DCA Optic - Augmented Reality Cycling Helmet
Front and rear cameras
360-degree proximity and collision detection.
The visor doubles as a heads-up display
where Optic live-streams the rear camera, displays useful information and highlights potential risks.
Destination Reached
Migatronic CoWelder
The smallest and smartest automated welding solution on the market.
It's a collaborative welding robot. It cooperates with a human in a shared workspace.
The CoWelder can assist your production setup, by welding simple workpieces, of both small and large scale.
Allowing you to produce more, while securing uniform and continuously high quality.
The CoWelder has no cameras, but relies on the user to set the welding path.
Either physically or with the control panel.
Store points in a sequence and then tell the robot, at what speed it should move between these.
This works for lines, angles and curves. You decide how the movement is going to be. The CoWelder is capable of 360 degrees movement, on all of its six axes.
The welding machine settings can be easily configured.
And routes and settings saved as a job. Up to 255 jobs can be stored, which means that one robot can potentially produce 255 different subjects.
After a professional welder has specified a job, an untrained worker can easily take over production. Freeing up time for the welder to do other tasks.
It is so easy to program that it also pays off to weld small batches.
Lochness — Multi-shape Bike Lock
Lochness is the evolution of a “muscular” object into a cheerful, smart product without losing any security feature.
When riding, Lochness can be quickly fastened around the bike frame. You don’t have to lock it!
And thanks to the silicon rubber, it will not mark or scratch your bike frame.
It has high protection level compared to other cable locks
and it is a joy to use.
The Monkey
Radio/BT speaker for dynamic people
Swing from place to place — like a monkey!
The unique feature of The Monkey radio/speaker is the ingenious snap-on antenna with its spring metal core.
Never mind if the radio programme is bad — just switch to the blue tooth mode and enjoy your favourite music.
It is waterproof and has a Micro-USB connector for charging.
Sienna Armchair
Simple shapes, uncluttered lines and sober colours for a contemporary style.
It has been designed with a double objective: high-quality execution and the purity of its lines.
ZeroKey Big Room
Mobile VR is getting an upgrade! Move around, play and interact in 3D, as if you were actually there.
Each tracker beacon is so small that all six can easily be stored within the VR headset cover.
Designed from the ground-up to consume as little power as possible, the ZeroKey tracker beacons guarantee weeks of game play on a single charge.
ZeroKey Glove
The next revolution in human-machine interface.
Ultra-high accuracy sensors map every movement of your hand to the virtual world in full 3D.
Made from space-age materials and with user dexterity and comfort in mind,
Urwahn Stadtfuchs
Puristic & comfortable CrMo steel frame,
11 gear hub & eccentric toothed belt drive
and integrated LED light system with daytime running light
make it a great bike for the everyday commute.
Craftory Great Sack
A leather satchel originally designed and made for the Prime Minister. True story.
Last summer Estonian Prime Minister suddenly approached us at Tallinn Airport
and asked where he could get the bag that Mihkel was carrying
(a prototype we had stopped developing thinking that it’s too old-school).
Obviously we could no longer postpone finishing a bag
one can truly be proud of however high ranking is the scenery.
And then we decided that you don't have to be a politician to get in hold of it.
CeraWall Select
is a drainage system
with clean and minimalist design,
very flexible montage options
and superb quality.
Vision Van
By loading cargo
and delivering it in an automated way,
by using drones
that dock on the roof
and LED display to inform its surroundings,
studies it the future of transportation.
Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6
is a beautiful electric car
with gull-wing doors,
very long bonnet
and a round "boat tail".
The interior is like a luxurious lounge
and it has a typical sports car performance.
Ultimate in luxury